My art practice is an exploration of the formal visual elements, as well as my personal feelings, through an intuitive, spontaneous process. Through abstract form I investigate questions of memories, origin and past.

My abstract watercolor paintings, often reminiscent of imaginary landscapes, are built with layers of washes with an emphasis on the mark making. There is a quiet tension between the watercolor's fluidity, softness and calm, vs. the dynamic, rhythm and energy of drawing.

In addition to painting, I am fascinated with clay as one of the most primal materials. The spontaneous and gestural activity of mark making in my ceramic pieces, just like in my painting, is closely tied to calligraphy, language and symbolic communication.

My paintings and ceramic vessels share a common trait; they emerge from a process that is both controlled and accidental. I see in this a metaphor for the duality of life; where certain things can be controlled, while others happen spontaneously.